About Winning

Winning Personal Finance is here to help you make profitable and efficient financial decisions, accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

At its core, this blog is about happiness. Posts will be about investing, saving, efficient spending, taxes and a boatload of other topics. In the end, all of these topics have one goal which is to help you win by accomplishing your goals and maximizing your happiness.

I know there are many finance blogs out there.  What makes this one different?  First, let me tell you what this site is not about.  You are not going to learn how to make millions of dollars overnight.  You are also not going to be told that living on $X is the only way to be happy.  I believe that personal finance is, well…personal.  Each of us has different goals, dreams and ways we want to live our life.  The aim of this blog will be to help each of you to help yourselves, whether you make $15K a year or $500K.

Thank you for reading.