Urgent! Vote for WPF as Best Money Post from 2017 Today

UPDATE —> We Won!!! Thank you for voting. I’ll be sure you let you know when the second round begins.

Initial Post:

Hello Winners!

I need your help! It should only take a minute.

Rockstar Rumble

My post “Less Stress and More Happiness” has been selected to participate in the Rockstar Rumble. The contest is a March Madness style competition to determine “The Best Money Post of 2017.”

I’m honored just to be included in this competition. Fewer than half of the posts entered were selected. This is a huge opportunity share with the world my message of using effective financial decisions to accomplish your goals and live your dreams.


While I’m honored to be in the game…I WANT TO WIN!! In case you don’t know this about me, I’m a teensy bit competitive.

The competition in this contest is fierce. My opponent in the first round is a well established blogger with thousands more followers than I have. Based on this alone, I’m a big underdog.

Please Vote Stress (I know terrible code name)

Sooooooo. Let me tell you how you can help.

  1. Follow this link to the contest page: Click Here to Vote
  2. Vote “Stress” in Game 6. Please only vote once. They are tracking this.
  3. Share this post or the contest page with your friends and followers and ask them to vote STRESS as well. Time is of the essence, the contest ends tomorrow 1/24.

Thank you so much!


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