The Winning Gathering (2-8-18)

The Winning Gathering is a roundup of posts from around the Internet that I feel compelled to share with you. Most cover topics similar to those I usually write about. Usually, they’ll have a different twist or level of depth than I’ve discussed before. I’ll also include any posts I’ve written that were published in a different corner of the web.

Skiing in Snowbird

Personal Finance is Not About Deprivation

Winning Personal Finance is not all about saving money. It’s important to focus on getting the most value and satisfaction out of your spending. A writer you all know and love (yours truly), published a post titled 6 Things I’m Not Giving Up to Achieve FI. This post is well-timed as I’ll be away on a ski trip when it goes live. Have I told you how much I love skiing?

Saving Is Still Important

Let’s get past the spending on luxury items. I’m all ears when someone tells me new ideas to save money. If the idea works, it helps us reach our savings goals or puts a little extra aside for the fun stuff. Are you stumped when trying to find more ways to save a few bucks?  Rich from PF Geeks published a mega post with 150 Ways to Save Money. I’m confident at least one will apply to you. So go start saving!

Do You Have a Life Plan?

I’ve read every post by Matt at Optimize Your Life for the past year or so and none have disappointed. In January of 2018, he focused all his posts on life planning. At the end, he shared a summary, Plan Your Better Life that touches on each of the other topics he discussed. The series is superb. I encourage you to read the summary linked above. Then check out all the detailed posts in each of the underlying topics. My favorite section was about setting goals that scare you. Achieving the scary ones are the unequivocally big wins!

Hate Math? Don’t Worry!

Personal finance is not all about money and numbers. Amy at Life Zemplified asks What Helps You Achieve Financial Independence Besides Money? Thankfully, she answered the question, too, and she nailed it. Touching on topics such as: alignment with your spouse; persistence, and the value of saying “no.” I shared this post via Twitter with a comment essentially saying “I have a feeling this post will be featured somewhere soon… It kinda makes me want to start my own roundup post!” See Amy, I’m not a liar, here it is.

What Should You Do When You’ve Already Won?

This article by ESI Money caught my attention since it has many great concepts. It’s called: If You’ve Won the Game, Stop Playing. It talks about the mindset for those who have already achieved Financial Independence (FI). He discusses: asset allocation; whether to accept a prestigious time consuming and stressful job; breaking a habit of frugality, and if you should say “no” to compelling opportunities. Even as a person that hasn’t won just yet, I found it to be a fantastic read. Imagine what you would do with your time when you already have “enough.” The post made me look forward to the day when I face these “tough decisions.”

My First Podcast Appearance

Last, but not least, I was interviewed on the Lifelong Learning podcast. The episode is available on all major podcast networks as well as through this link. Check it out to hear Kate Nesi and I discuss personal finance and some distance running, too.

The Winning Gathering

Lots of conversation topics from this one:

  • What “discretionary” items won’t you give up to achieve your savings goals?
  • What’s your best money saving tip?
  • How are you planning your better life?
  • What helps you achieve FI beside money?
  • How will your life change after winning the game?
  • Has anybody else out there run a marathon and then quit running for a while?

You don’t need to have a blog to make a comment. Say something below!

15 thoughts on “The Winning Gathering (2-8-18)”

  1. Thanks for sharing the podcast! I have been there with you on quitting running for quite some time after long distance races. It may just be a part of the ebb and flow of all the training leading up to reaching a goal and then shifting focus for a while. Keep up the great work, good links to check out above!

  2. Thanks for including me Jason! Glad my post made the cut & thanks again for contributing to make it happen! Couldn’t have happened without you and the other bloggers.


  3. Great list, Jason! I’ll have to check out your podcast appearance. Note, I still haven’t listened to my own from last September on the Fire Drill, so it could be a while. 🙂

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